Dear Readers

Welcome to my updated Website for 2013!  I’ve been on a self-imposed hiatus for a number of reasons, some personal (the recent loss of my father) and some professional (a transition with publishers).

But I’m back with vigor and deep into my next book, a new series featuring The Marvel Girls.  Their introduction will be in a holiday-themed novel called SNOWFLAKES IN MANHATTAN.  This is a very special project dedicated to my late father, who aided in the research for it just before his passing.

On the immediate horizon is the exclusive release of eight of my previous novels on Amazon Kindle.  They are all being remixed, remade, and remodeled for the occasion.  First up will be the sexy thriller SHOCK ME!

I’ve also launched a new blog, Pop Oxygen, which is dedicated to all my publishing, pop culture, and pet-related obsessions.

Happy Reading . . .

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Remixed, Remade, Remodeled . . . And Coming This Year



The success of my bonkbuster novels TAN LINES and THE STRIP opened the door to an enormous privilege–quoting for reissues of commercial fiction classics.

UK Publisher Canon Gate reissued Shirley Conran’s 1982 mega-seller LACE.



“Sex, glamour, and bitchery to an epic degree.  LACE is the classic that secured Shirley Conran’s place in the same high-octane sorority as Jackie Collins, Judith Krantz, and Jacqueline Susann, and it still thrills.  It changed my life.”

J.J. Salem, Author of TAN LINES




Shirley is a super talent and class act.  She sent me a lovely hand-written note thanking me for my quote.  She also had very nice things to say about my Website, calling it “fabulous.”  Quite a thrill!  The letter is framed and hanging alongside correspondence I’ve received from other writing idols like Jackie Collins, Judith Krantz, and the late Sidney Sheldon.

Speaking of Judith Krantz, Little Brown’s Sphere imprint recently reissued her 1978 blockbuster novel SCRUPLES.



“If books were desserts, then SCRUPLES would be the giant sundae you can devour with all pleasure and no guilt.  It’s so good and brings such joy that you never hate yourself for gobbling up every sinfully decadent page.  More than thirty years later, the sensually powerful prose of Judith Krantz still dazzles.  But for all the glitzy surroundings, juicy schemes, and racy encounters, what shines through the most is a mega-talent who writes with emotional truth and pure heart.  The queen of the sex and shopping novel remains on her jeweled throne.”

J.J. Salem, Author of TAN LINES

It’s truly an honor to be associated with these amazing novels that provided not just memorable escape for me as a young reader, but true inspiration as well.  Both works triggered writing dreams that never faltered.

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